AquaHarmonics took home the gold in the DoE Wave Energy competition. More >>


802.11ad chipset market forecast, Fractal has a new antenna design and Maxim, TI and Silego release ... More >>


Researchers say this discovery could “open up a new paradigm” in designing electronic devices. More >>


NYU research reveals new technique and material for use at the atomic scale. More >>


Samsung seeks to expand influence in automotive electronics. More >>


New products from Microsemi, Xilinx, WinSystems, Intersil and Microchip Technology. More >>


Engineers develop programming language specifically for intermittent operation. More >>


Organic, polymer-based photodetectors see bandwidth and sensitivity increase after 30-second UV expo... More >>


New products from TI, CEVA, Expressif, Tektronix and Toshiba. More >>


Tesla/SolarCity unveiled a solar roof that's attractive, affordable, and integrated with batteries a... More >>


Researchers use molybdenum disulfide and carbon nanotubes to shrink transistors well below silicon l... More >>


New surface ion trap with integrated optical components offers a method for high qubit scalability. More >>


SolPad integrates PV, battery, and inverter, dramatically lowering the cost of solar. More >>


New products from Siemens and RS Components, Microchip Technology, Digital View, Exar and Microsemi. More >>


All-perovskite device converts sunlight into electricity with 20.3 percent efficiency. More >>


Dutch company ZEP B.V. wants to make solar roofs more aesthetically appealing. More >>


Collaboration between business, government, and academia makes this living laboratory a learning lab... More >>


The latest products from Samsung, MediaTek, Xilinx, Autotalks and Intersil. More >>


UltraCap Ltd. claims its prototype ultracapacitor-based battery will revolutionize energy storage. More >>


Military tech updates from Lockheed Martin, Saab and Elbit Systems. More >>


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