Electronics Weekly – Pasternack Tunnel Diode Detectors, RS Components Cable Assemblies & More

New products from Arm, Littelfuse, Pasternack, RS Components and Samsung.

Arm IoT Software

Neoverse platform. (Image courtesy of Arm.)

Neoverse platform. (Image courtesy of Arm.)

Arm has partnered with Docker to create a frictionless cloud-native unified software development and delivery model for cloud, edge and IoT devices, allowing organizations to build applications faster and more securely.

The data generated by the proliferation of the IoT and intelligent connected devices are causing networks to be weighed down, thus making centralized processing inefficient and expensive. Using Arm’s Neoverse platform, the companies are addressing this challenge by offering a common software pipeline for cloud, edge and IoT, letting developers remove the dependencies of applications from infrastructure.

For more information, visit Arm’s website.

Littelfuse Protection Thyristor

SIDACtor protection thyristor. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)

SIDACtor protection thyristor. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)

Littelfuse has introduced its PxxxxS4xLRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor, designed for protecting Composite Video Blanking Sync (CVBS) signal lines and ports from damaging overvoltage transients.

The combination of 6V operating voltage, 100A 5/310µs surge peak current capability and a low junction capacitance rating make the P0080S4BLRP suited for protecting a range of equipment needs. The PxxxxS4xLRP Series also provides a compact, surface-mount package which makes it easier to design it into a PCB layout.

For more information, visit Littelfuse’s website.

Pasternack Tunnel Diode Detectors


Tunnel diode detectors. (Image courtesy of Pasternack.)

Tunnel diode detectors. (Image courtesy of Pasternack.)

Pasternack has launched a line of coaxial packaged tunnel diode detectors that are available with no MOQ required. These detectors are suited for prototype and proof-of-concept applications used in aerospace and defense, military, test and measurement.

The line consists of 26 models that feature Germanium planar construction and operate over octave and broadband frequencies that range from 100 MHz to 26 GHz. These zero biased designs are available in both positive and negative video output polarities and offer improved dynamic range with efficient low-level signal detection.

For more information, visit Pasternack’s website.

RS Components Cables and Assemblies


PRO range of cables and assemblies. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)

RS Components has developed a range of A/V and data cables, including HDMI, USB and other assorted AV cables. The range is suited for use by maintenance technicians and engineers working in IT and other AV applications.

Variants in the series of USB connections include: A and B, male and female; micro A and B types; mini-A and -B (both 4- and 5-pin types); USB 3.0 -B and micro variants; USB 3.1 type C devices; and a series of USB to Lightning connector cables.

For more information, visit RS Components’ website.

Samsung IoT Processor

Exynos iT100 IoT processor. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Exynos iT100 IoT processor. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Samsung has unveiled its Exynos i T100 processor, which enhances the security and reliability of devices designed for short-range communications. Based on a power-efficient 28-nanometer (nm) process technology, the Exynos i T100 is optimized to be utilized with short-range IoT devices that automate and control environments within homes or businesses.

For more information, visit Samsung’s website.

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