Electric Vehicle Goes How Fast?

Venturi Automobiles challenges the electric vehicle speed record

EV, speed record, test, venturi, electric, car, land speed, recordFrench automaker Venturi Automobiles plans to beat the World land speed record for electric vehicles with its new VBB-3.

Unveiled earlier this month at Wendover airfield in Utah, the VBB-3 is designed to beat an earlier Venturi vehicle, the Buckeye Bullet.

The Bullet, which was created in collaboration with Ohio State University, hit a top speed of 495km/h (307mph) back in 2010.

Building from the Bullet’s design, Venturi’s engineers plan to progressively push the EV land speed record ever higher in a series of attempts over the next two years.

Key to the VBB-3’s success will be its electric motor powered by 1.6 tons of batteries. Wrapped in an 11.64m (38ft) carbon fiber skin, the VBB’s motor is capable of generating 3,000hp.

Record attempts like this one are intended to lead to innovations in tomorrow’s production vehicles, says Venturi’s CEO, Gildo Pallanca Pastor,  “By designing the most powerful electric vehicle in the world, we are consolidating our lead in the field of electric propulsion, but perhaps more importantly, we are innovating in order to optimize energy efficiency, one of the greatest challenges facing not only the automobile industry, but society in general.”

Images and Video Courtesy of Venturi Automobiles