Educating and Strengthening the Cybersecurity Workforce – the Need for Engineers

Why engineers may be the key to solving cybercrime.

Year after year, technology keeps on getting better and Americans seem to be more reliant on their tech. As expected, the bulk of these modern technologies rely heavily on the Internet and network connectivity – making them increasingly prone to cyberattacks. This is why America needs more cybersecurity professionals and engineers, now more than ever.

(Image courtesy of California State University.)

(Image courtesy of California State University.)

Among other technology-powered professional disciplines, one group that needs to be up-to-date with cybersecurity is engineers. The reason for this is simple – engineers make the tech! A good knowledge of cybersecurity methods and protocols will play no small role in the modelling processes of new technologies aimed at providing a solution to the problem next-door.

The need for security engineers seems to be increasing on a yearly basis, as more and more job opportunities open up, but with fewer and less qualified candidates available to fill these positions. This is all the more reason why more engineers need the training to build this expertise.

The engineer’s mind might just be the key to finding a lasting solution to cybercrime! The ability to anticipate and plan for outcomes before they happen, to set up well-calculated precautions and to come up with products that will stand the test of time are all attributes engineers possess which will really come in handy in the cybersecurity space.

An increasing number of educational institutions and organizations are involved in providing training, certifications and full undergraduate and graduate degree programs to individuals interested in the field of cybersecurity.

One among such institutions is California State University (CSU), which is one of the leading institutions for cybersecurity training currently offering a variety of training and educational opportunities to students for academic degrees and other certification levels. Students looking to pursue a career in cyber security may also have access to scholarships via grants funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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