Do you need more than a list of jobs?

What other information would help your job search?

We are wondering whether we should offer some additional content to support your career planning and job searching. For example, we could aggregate information about government retraining funding, stimulus spending, and continuing education. We could offer a place for people to share their job search stories so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t. We could offer a resume review service.

Would you like us to email you a list of jobs and some searching tips on a weekly (or even daily) basis? Before we head too far down these paths, we would like to know what you would find worthwhile? Posting below or emailing me at is a good way to get your $.02 heard.

On a side note, are you frustrated by how hard it is to apply for a job on We’ve noticed lately that (no surprise) lots of people are registering to apply for jobs. And we feel pretty bad that the process is so difficult. So we are submitting some big improvements to our development team today with a view to rolling these out by the end of July. These will include an improved search ability along with the easier job application process.