Designing and Printing Fine Jewelry

Watch Mikhail Rachinskiy's video tutorials on 3D design and printing of jewelry.

jewelry, 3d, opal, designThe jewelry industry is being dramatically impacted by 3D printing. Not only are finished products being printed, but jewelry makers are using 3D printing to replace some of the steps usually associated with casting a piece.

But the benefits of 3D Printing don’t end with the manufacturing process. The way models are made for 3D printing is also giving jewelry designers new abilities.  3D modeling software is increasing the level of detail that can be built into a piece of jewelry while also expanding the geometries that can be produced.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, Mikhail Rachinskiy details the process of creating a 3D model of a ring, replete with pave settings, and also explains how to set the design up to be 3D printed.

If you’re interested in computer-aided jewelry design, here are a few more videos for inspiration.

Jewelry Design Tutorial: Creating a model for a 3D printer with Blender and netfabb

Jewelry Design: Simple fine jewellery #1 original speed

Jewelry Design: Blue Flower modelling rendering

Images and Video Courtesy of Wikipedia and Mikhail Rachinskiy