Designer Edge Image of the Day – 5-13-13 – FermiLab’s Big Move

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How do you reduce the cost of particle physics experiments? You borrow other people’s equipment.  

In early June Brookhaven National Laboratory’s 50 foot Muon g-2 storage ring will travel some 3,200 miles to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois where it will become a core component of the lab’s new Muon-G experiments. 

The trip will see the ring travel to the Atlantic Ocean via highway. Once at the ocean the storage ring will be moved to a barge that will travel up the Mississippi weaving through tributaries until it arrives in Batavia, IL in late July. According to Lee Roberts, a spokesperson for the moving project, “”It costs about 10 times less to move the magnet from Brookhaven to Illinois than it would to build a new one.”

Watch A Video Explaining FermiLab’s New Muon-G Project (02:40):

Image and Video  Courtesy of FermiLab