Delcam Updates PowerINSPECT for 2016

Delcam introduces a number of improvement in its 2016 release of PowerINSPECT.

Delcam PowerINSPECT UI during an inspection routine

Delcam PowerINSPECT UI during an inspection routine

Delcam has announced the release of a wide-ranging update to its inspection software, PowerINSPECT.

One of the most interesting improvements to Delcam’s inspection package is the inclusion of an easier-to-use section creation tool. With the new tool, sectionediting can be managed by moving a slider to step the section plane through a part. With this new section, viewer-enabled PowerINSPECT can automatically generate inspection paths along a section’s plane, making it easier to gain insight into milled vs. digital geometry. To enhance its reporting abilities, PowerINSPECT can also export section views as 2D views for further analysis.

In addition to its section tool, PowerINSPECT now includes options for adding user-defined information to a model. With the new “Report Note” tool, users can include observations, pictures and text to a model to provide more context to an inspection project.

Another big addition to PowerINSPECT is the software’s ability to import point clouds. Point clouds can now be imported from DMT and STL files. More importantly, the package’s point cloud acquisition abilities have been improved by allowing pauses to be made during scanning operations without closing a scanning session. This new tool makes it easier to scan complex or large real-world parts so that they can be used in inspection regimes.

Finally, and probably most significantly, PowerINSPECT now has an improved automatic collision detection function. In PowerINSPECT’s previous release, probe paths could be adjusted by the software to avoid disastrous collisions. In this latest update, a collision-free mode has been added to the package. Once the collision-free mode has been selected, PowerINSPECT can automatically build linking paths between multiple inspection points to avoid any collisions. If inspection points are moved, or the order of inspection points rearranged, the collision-free package can update its paths to ensure an inspection operation comes off without any unwanted contact.

Aside from functional upgrades, PowerINSPECT has also done a bit to add formatting functionality to call-outs, especially when it comes to GD&T labels. In its newest incarnation, the Delcam package will add formatting for label sizes, gridlines and a number of other features.  

For more details and to explore other features in Delcam’s PowerINSPECT release, visit the PowerINSPECT site.