Creating Useful Energy from Waste Gases

New gas turbine and oxidation technology reduces emissions from waste gas flaring.

Many process industries such as mining, manufacturing and oil and gas drilling produce a broad range of waste gases. These gases are traditionally too low a quality to use for power generation in a combustion engine or turbine.

The current practice across many of these industries is to blend low-density waste gas with natural gas in order to make the gas suitable to be flared off. 

This practice is in compliance with environmental air quality regulations, although it contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer 2 MW (KG2-3GEF/PO) Powerstation. (Photo and specifications courtesy of Ener-Core.)

Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer 2 MW (KG2-3GEF/PO) Powerstation. (Photo and specifications courtesy of Ener-Core.)

Working toward a solution for this waste gas management are Dresser-Rand and Ener-Core. 

Their collaboration involves integrating Dresser-Rand’s KG2-3G gas turbine technology with a scaled up 2 MW version of Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer system.

The combined turbine and oxidizer unit, named the Power Oxidizer 2 MW (KG2-3GEF/PO) Powerstation, is designed to meet demanding emission regulations and generate low-cost, on-site power and steam. 

A recent test by the University of California yielded promising results in generating electricity from low-BTU waste gases. The idea is that the power generated can be cycled back to provide energy for the operation of on-site machinery and other uses.

According to Ener-Core, combining their Power Oxidizer technology with a gas turbine unit reduced the amounts of NOx and volatile organic compounds being released into the atmosphere without post-exhaust treatment. Additionally, pre-treatment of difficult gas streams can sometimes be eliminated.

Ener-Core’s gradual oxidation process and applications. (Video courtesy of Ener-Core.)

Finally, as the process no longer needs to blend the waste gas with natural case, costs to the company can also be reduced.

For more information on Ener-Core and the Power Oxidizer 2 MW (KG2-3GEF/PO) Powerstation, visit their website.