Creating Non-Parallel Lofted Bends in SOLIDWORKS

As of SOLIDWORKS 2015, users no longer need to cut away geometry to create angled openings.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 has added the ability to create lofted bends for sheet metal parts using non-parallel sketch planes.

In previous versions, profile sketch planes had to be positioned parallel to each other. SOLIDWORKS 2015 has also eliminated the steps of having to cut away geometry to create angled openings.

In the one-minute tutorial video above, we’re shown two loft profile sketches – one of which was sketched on an angled plane.

As shown, users can create a lofted bend by selecting the “Sheet Metal” tab within SOLIDWORKS and clicking the “Lofted-Bend” command. Next, select the two profiles in the graphics area. The loft will immediately preview.

Under “Faceting Options,” “Chord Tolerance” can be selected to edit thickness. After completing any necessary edits, users can click OK to complete the feature.

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About the Author

James Keller has over seven years of CAD and instructional design experience, with a primary focus on SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. A strong design background allows him to wear both the hats of Engineer and Designer at once.