Convert 3D Scanner Data to CAD Models Efficiently

New release from Elysium promises an easier workflow for as-built drawings and models.

Engineers and architects need to produce as-built drawings and models as a starting point for modifications and updates to existing buildings and systems. Accurate drawings and models may not exist for older buildings and detailed drawings for standard construction details may have never been produced, but they are needed to show modifications and updates, as well as to check fit and interference.

Engineers can use 3D laser scanners to produce a point cloud data set representing an existing building. The point cloud data set can be imaged and viewed, but engineers spend significant time and effort converting the point cloud data to a 2D mechanical drawing or 3D mechanical model.

Using the recently released InfiPoints tool from Elysium can speed up and simplify this conversion process, improving efficiency and reducing effort. InfiPoints auto-extracts planes from the 3D-scanned point cloud to produce CAD models of structural elements. Structural components and materials are then matched to standardized models with a simple point-and-click process to develop a 3D model. Other components and features of a building such as piping and equipment are also digitized to produce rough CAD models. The various CAD models are then combined into an integrated CAD model and output in a range of building information modeling (BIM)–compatible file formats.

Enhanced capabilities of this version of InfiPoints include:

  • Additional steel structure modeling functionality—Planes auto-extracted from the scanned point cloud image are mapped to standard specifications and models for structural elements by either entering numerical values or selecting from a list of standard models. Standard models include H, I and Tbeams, angles, channels, flat bars and square tubes.

  • Improved pipe modeling functionality—Digitize pipe systems in detail, connect pipes with standard fittings and export the detailed CAD model in BIM file formats.
  • Enhanced data export capability—Export CAD models in a range of formats, including the IFC standard format for BIM systems. Exported modes are in an editable form and include parametric information.

  • Improved registration accuracy—Point cloud data can be more accurately registered and scaled to the CAD model and drawing. Detect reference patterns with greater accuracy, evaluate and detect registration errors and export evaluation results for documentation and collaboration purposes.

Learn more about InfiPoints at Elysium’s website.