Control Your Computer with Hand Gestures

wrist, control band, quadcopter

Thalmic Labs, a startup from Kitchener, Ontario, has developed the MYO, a human-machine interface wristband that operates on both motion sensing and by detecting when muscles in the forearm are activated. The company claims the device will detect hand gestures down to the individual finger.

The video shows the device being used to control video games and even to fly a quadrotor. 

The MYO is scheduled to ship later this year, and will work out-of-the-box for computer control on Windows and Macintosh, and will have an API for developers on Android and iOS.

The MYO story is the 3rd in this episode of This Week in Engineering.  Other stories covered include Fussion reaction from Lockheed Martin, a Football Cam, Detecting pulse on video and a Robotic Exoskeleton.