Constructing Off-Center Toroids in SOLIDWORKS

A step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Sweep feature when designing off-center toroids.

An off-center toroid is easy to design using circular paths and guide curves with the Sweep feature in SOLIDWORKS.

In the tutorial video above, we’re presented with a step-by-step process of designing an off-center toroid.

To begin, create a circular sketch, which will become the path for the sweep.

Next, create a second circular sketch on the same plane sketch that will be used as a guide curve. Give the center points of the two circles a horizontal relation.

A third and final sketch will act as a profile for the sweep and can be created on any plane relative to the previous circles’ sketch planes. Place a single sketch point along the circumference of this circle.

To position the circle, add a pierce relation along the center point of the circle and a larger circle sketched earlier. Add a pierce relation between the sketch point and the smaller circle to fully define the profile sketch.

Exit this menu and launch the Sweep feature. Click OK and the off-center toroid is complete.

The guide curve can even be created with the Freeform feature for more interesting shapes, as long as it remains mostly circular. By using a circular path and combining it with a guide curve, you can create complex revolves where both the shape and axis of rotation can be controlled.

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About the Author

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