“Connect” with SpaceClaim’s Cloud-Enabled Collaboration

SpaceClaim is developing a cloud-enabled, but data private, collaboration environment called "Connect." Read more and learn about the beta program.

“I’ve got control.”

“Pass the baton.”

“You’re wearing the crown.”

For some reason I get the vague recollection like I’ve seen this somewhere, but apparently what Spaceclaim has in store is something completely new.

Now I know I’ve never passed the baton in Alibre Design (version 5 or 6 era) while they still had the functionality of a collaborative design tool.  The data existed on my desktop, I was able to invite clients to see my workspace, I could pass the baton to give them control, and the data never left my desk.  It worked great for training and tech support.  It worked terribly on my very slow internet connection with single baud upload speeds.

I’m also sure I’ve never used this in NX (it was still called UG back then) when working on a huge design project across multiple sites spread across the nation.  I’m sure I didn’t get on a plane to have the design reviews because the room I was in had a much bigger tv screen, a table, and more comfortable chairs.  Yet, the cursor kept moving even though my hand and mouse didn’t. 

But if SpaceClaim claims that this is entirely new and has never been done before, I would normally call bologna.  But, this is SpaceClaim.  These are the same people who took direct modeling in a direction that had never been done before.  Direct modeling certainly sounded familiar, but SpaceClaim built it in such as way that was truly unique.  I have to assume they are doing the same with collaborative design and I eagerly await the full release.

SpaceClaim customers can register for the Beta program here.

Now if only I could get my twitter stream into SpaceClaim.