Computer Workstation Shipments Take Off

Shipments of workstations reach an all-time high in 3rd quarter of 2021 - COVID and cloud notwithstanding.

Chasing Pixels – by Jon Peddie

Workstation shipments breaks record (Picture courtesy of JPR)

Workstation shipments break record. (Picture courtesy of JPR)

Before the pandemic hit, the workstation market was humming along, just as it did for the previous 30 years. During that period, we saw a slow but steady shift from desktop and deskside workstations all the way to mobile workstations with glorious 4K 17-inch screens. We’ve also seen cloud-based workstations that allow users to remotely log in and work on just about any client—even Chromebooks.

HP’s family of workstations. (Image source: HP.)

HP’s family of workstations. (Image source: HP)

The workstation market’s record levels—just set in Q1 2021, then reset in Q2—were shattered in Q3 when workstation shipments shot up 76 percent and, for the first time ever, moved past the 2 million unit level. Shipments in Q3 2021 grew 28 percent over the same quarter last year, but bear in mind that last year included the low point in the pandemic-fueled market downturn.

The bullish top-line numbers from the last quarter reveal the breadth and strength of the workstation market. Mobile workstations have become the preferred form factor for professionals who must manage the instability of their working environments. We expect that the eventual return to the office and normalcy will spur the relatively stagnant deskside workstation market as demand for overdue workstations and their replacements kicks in.

Interior view of a Dell Precision rack-mounted workstation. (Image source: Dell)

Interior view of a Dell Precision rack-mounted workstation. (Image source: Dell)

A return to offices is underway, albeit at varying paces and with starts and stops—the latest due to a COVID surge caused by the Delta variant.

“Both fixed and mobile workstations were up dramatically in the last quarter,” confirmed Alex Herrera, senior analyst at JPR.

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