Children’s Inhaler Design Wins 3D Printing Contest

Having children take their medicine is sometimes an exhausting chore, but Luis Daniel Ibarra , may have made a breakthrough.

GrabCAD’s most recent 3D Printing Event issued the following design brief, “Suppose you had a 3D printer at home. Design the first consumer product you would like to 3D print and use.” Ibarra’s winning entry, “Inhaler for Children with Asthma” brings a playful approach to a very serious matter. 

Not only does Ibarra’s design “motivate” children “to learn and treat their condition” it also addresses ergonomic issues associated with conventional asthma inhalers. “Small children with asthma have trouble using common inhalers, their little hands don’t reach nor have the strength to push the canister down.”

I hope that Ibarra’s design soon makes the jump from good design to mass-market product. It’s a well thought out concept that solves a narrowly focused problem…  In my mind it’s a complete success.

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