Chengdu’s Tech Explosion Includes 3D Printing

Chengdu, China, Tech, Innovation, hi-tech, high techLast year, China’s vice minister of industry and information technology, Bo Su, promised that the government was prepared to make a substantial investment in the country’s 3D printing future.

Well, the year is barely a month old, and it looks like the government is making good on that promise.  At a recent council meeting, the 3DP Industry Alliance, headed by the United Huazhong University of Science and Technology, delivered its plan to create a state of the art industry innovation center in Chengdu. Funded partly by the local government and the 3DP Industry Alliance, the $80 million dollar innovation center aims to serve the domestic electronics and automobile industry.

In addition to capital for the innovation center, the local government has pledged to create a $16-32 million fund to help spur on innovation and local research projects.

With the development of this center, China may find itself creating very interesting technology in short order. Chengdu is quickly becoming the high-tech manufacturing center of China. With big players like Intel, Texas Instruments and Motorola investing heavily in the region, China’s burgeoning 3D printing industry may have just found a home and, more importantly, a place to grow.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia