CATIA increases Fast Concept Modeling Development Power

FCMS GmbH Joins Dassault Systèmes’ CAA Development Community

Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH (FCMS) has recently joined Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA Component Application Architecture (CAA) Development Community. FCMS is known for their virtual prototyping and functional validation software imbedded in the CATIA platform.

Using simulation and calculation tools, FCMS is able to validate parts and prototypes using CATIA alone. Embedding this level of validation at the CAD level is key for early product development improvements and model variant creation.

The FCMS tool is based on the CATIA Fast Concept Modelling (FCM) software. The program is well suited to automate and optimize models during numerical calculations. The goal is to ensure that designers can move from idea, to validation, and final concepts faster.

Dr. Werner Pohl, CTO at FCMS said, “The collaboration with Dassault Systèmes within the framework of the partner program provides even better market access … As a CAA adopter, we are part of a worldwide CATIA network, which facilitates the exchange of experiences with other experts.”

Popular in the automotive industry, FCM allows developers to skip manual conditioning of CATIA models for use in simulations. This will speed up the design process. The improvement is made by increasing the control and options above classic CATIA parametric. For instance, FCM allows for automatic boundary, attributes, networking, optimization, calculations and load definitions, within the control loop.

Finally, the open environment of FCM allows for the use of various CAE software for optimization and integration into existing CAx environments.

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