can we put a 84″ game table that weight 350 lbs in a room upstairs , house built in 1997 ,?

can we put a 84" game table that weight 350 lbs in a room upstairs , house built in 1997 ,?

Yes it is a 3 in 1 swivel table (air hockey – tennis – billiards) ..

See my response to your original question. This does make more sense.

It should not be a problem as long as your house was built to code.

Niel Leon


Just because a 350 pound person might stand on the floor does not make it safe.

As I noted in my other posting where the OP had originally ask about a 35 pound table in error you must look at the rated floor loading. The minimum rating for floor loading under normal USA building codes is 30 pounds per square foot.

If you assume that the table is 24 inches wide then the area that the table loads is 14 square feet. At 30 pounds per square foot the maximum load for the table would be 420 pounds. More this could potentially over load the floor.

There are other factors to take into account but this would be your starting point. To get an accurate upper limit you must look at the entire floor covered with a uniform weight, not just the area of this table.


Table is 84 ” x 34 ” .. How can you know your house is built to code .. we got the house , it was built in 1997 by HOVANIAN BUILDER

To confirm that your house was built to the building code you should contact the County or City Engineer’s Office. They should be able to provide you with that information. Since the house is only 17 years old, I would not be overly concerned about not being up to code.

The table is bigger than Estimated. It is just under 20 square feet so the the floor loading is less.

A 350 pound table is really not that heavy, Is it a pool table?

Niel Leon


You make a very good point. You need to evaluate the everything that will in the room before you can make a final determination as to the ability of the room to accept the load.


the room is 11 x 10 without the closet area..

the room size is around 11 x 9 and the room will have the table and of course the kids , sometimes us …. games are in the closet

I did some quick research, it appears that the amount a room can support is more dependent on the size of the room then the size of the object. A larger room can support more “living” weight than a smaller room if the psf (pounds per square foot) is the same. There is also the safety margin built in to it but no one would recommend going over the safe weight.

So 350 lb would be safe in a room that is 11.67 sqft with a 30 psf safe rating. That is a very small room.

“living” rate is the weight of everything in the room furniture, rugs, people etc after the room was built.

Note: This was quick research and I could have misinterpreted the means.

An 11 x 9 foot room has an area of 99 square feet. Base on the 30 pounds per square foot. the total allowable load for that room is on the order of 3000 pounds if it is uniformly distributed. If you place the 350 pound table in the center of the room you can still have over 2600 pound spread around the rest of the room.

If I were putting this in my house I would not be concerned. Please, note this is not engineering advice. If you are concerned about setting up this room you really need to talk to a structural engineer in your locality who can provide you with a formal professional opinion.

Niel Leon