Bsquare Improves Integration to Make Data Visualization More Effective

New integration with Amazon and Microsoft makes DataV visualization tools more effective at communicating complexity.

What does data matter if you can’t understand what it’s telling you? That is the central theme guiding Bsquare’s latest announcement that its DataV software will now be integrated with Amazon QuickSight and Microsoft’s Power BI to deliver interactive data visualization reports.

A manufacturing robot. (Image courtesy of Bsquare.)

A manufacturing robot. (Image courtesy of Bsquare.)

According to Bsquare, by the close of this decade the number of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data nodes will grow from 3 million to 7.5 million points. With that explosion in nodes, the sheer mass of data produced will be even more complicated to understand, making it imperative to have tools at hand that can connect various data streams and make content digestible to decision makers.

To reach this goal, Bsquare’s DataV software will support a standard open connection that gives access to third-party tools provided by Amazon Quicksight and Microsoft Power BI. With these new assets, DataV users will be able to mine more value from their IIoT data sets.

“Data generated from connected equipment is allowing industrial companies to make quicker and more accurate decisions about their business,” said Dave McCarthy, Bsquare senior director, Products. “The ability to quickly create new visualizations of that information by combining it with other data—and easily sharing the results with others in the organization—is critical to achieving that goal.”

In the end, DataV’s latest incarnation has its sights set on making it possible for users to be able to do everything from predict when equipment may fail to foresee emerging opportunities on the data cluttered horizon.