Bre Pettis and the Makerbot at CES

Sound bites from Bre Pettis interview.

3D printing evangelist and Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis was at CES last week, and he spoke with NextMarket about how and where the MakerBot is being used today.

We’ve listened to NextMarket’s interview with Bre and, for your convenience, have picked out a few points of the conversation that we thought were interesting.   

The Makerbot and NASA’s JPL : (2:40 – 3:05)

Why isn’t the Replicator 2 open-source: (3:35 – 4:50)

Can 3D printing be an educational tool?: (13:37 – 15:09)

Listen to the interview below:

Images and audio courtesy of MakerBot and NextMarket