Bink’s Bacteria Modification Brightens Up the Industrial Coloring Industry

A Latin American company develops non-toxic dyes by genetically modifying bacteria.

In today’s business landscape, environmentally-friendly products are often viewed more positively by consumers. Recently, Latin American startup Bink has embarked on a journey to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar industrial coloring industry. Bink is developing ecological dyes by genetically modifying bacteria. This idea has earned the company the victory in TrepCamp’s Global Demo Day, an entrepreneurial pitch competition.

Bink’s technology grows dyes inside of genetically modified bacteria, reproducing at a low cost and developing a scalable process that produces eco-friendly dyes. The technology’s competitive advantage is producing the color blue, the most expensive color to produce. A panel of international investors at the Global Demo Day competition recognized the solution that Bink’s technology could provide to businesses and the impact it could have on the industrial coloring industry.

Bink’s non-toxic dyes could offer a competitive advantage to companies in the paper, textile, and cosmetic industries. Bink’s vision is to reduce the carbon footprint that dyes containing heavy metals, which are difficult to filter in water systems, cause.

By conducting numerous successful laboratory tests, the Bink’s team proved that its technology provides a viable solution for businesses. The team hopes to establish partnerships with Colombian and Mexican companies and laboratories, enabling them to make a greater impact on the coloring industry. Winning the TrepCamp Global Demo Day has helped Bink to expedite the launch of their dyes to the market.

To find out more information about Bink’s technology, they can be contacted at Bink. Aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs who want to find out more information about TrepCamp can visit TrepCamp.