BIG KAISER Announces New Grip Milling Chuck

Mega Perfect Grip milling chuck eliminates pullout during heavy duty milling.

BIG KAISER has introduced the Mega Perfect Grip from BIG Daishowa. The heavy-duty milling chuck for heat resistant super alloys (HRSA) is designed to eliminate end mill pullout under heavy torque loads.

For manufacturers using milling chucks, pullout is a major issue, particularly when machining HRSA’s such as titanium or Inconel. In demanding applications, such as those in the energy and aerospace markets, there is a need for guaranteed security against pullout – ensuring there is no costly damage to parts or delays in manufacturing processes.

The Mega Perfect Grip, with fully concentric clamping, combines the accuracy and cutting performance of heavy-duty milling chucks with the security against pullout of solid side-lock tool holders.

To keep the system cost-effective, it is based around milling cutters with a standard Weldon flat (ASME B94.19-1997). No special grinding or threading of the milling cutter is required.

The three key grip grooves in the chuck body also serve to provide channels for high-volume coolant to reach the cutter, which is required in milling HRSAs to dissipate heat and to remove chips efficiently.

The Mega Perfect Grip is available in BIG-PLUS BCV50 and HSK-A100 for Ø.750”-1.250” and HSK-A125 for Ø1.000” and 1.250”.

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