BASF’s Redesigned BMW Isetta

BMW, BASF, auto, car, germany, foam, materials, HP,

BMW, BASF, auto, car, germany, foam, materials, HP,

In an effort to showcase how it’s concoctions can be can be used by the automotive industry BASF has rebuilt and updated an auto icon, the 1958 BMW Isetta “Bubble Car”.

Using custom lightweight foams for the auto’s seats and a bespoke two-tone paint finish the German chemical giant has given the old BMW a much-needed make-over.

In addition to its state of the art paint job and material the BASF project has also refurbished the cars chassis, body and interior. While everything in the car looks brand spankin’ new, BASF’s press release didn’t mention if the cars engine was given an upgrade.

If that’s the case the stylish, yet cramped Isetta’s top speed has likely stalled out at 75 km/h (47 mph). But hey, look on the bright side; the vintage German design does get an impressive 70mpg.

Boy, the 1950’s were a great era for auto design.

Image Courtesy of BASF