Avnet Releases IoT/IIoT Platform Compatible with Azure

IoTConnect targets smart device development for manufacturing, medical, construction, smart cities and more.

The Internet of Things (IoT) product development landscape just got a bit bigger thanks to Avnet’s release of its IOTConnect platform. This cloud-based software includes a portfolio of connectivity solutions that aims to get products on the market faster.

(Image courtesy of Avnet.)

IoTConnect targets engineers that are developing connected devices for various applications, including manufacturing, medical, environmental, food processing, architecture, engineering and construction and smart cities.

This targeting is thanks to a series of connectivity solutions that deals with common IoT issues experienced in these markets. These connectivity solutions can be used out of the box or tailored to your system. The series of connectivity solutions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Asset Monitoring
  • Smart Connected Worker
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Smart Warehouse

“Avnet’s versatile IoTConnect platform and its new Smart Industry solutions include powerful analytics, cognitive services, artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Rodney Clark, vice president of IoT, Microsoft. “With these repeatable edge-to-cloud solutions, both partners and customers will be able to take full advantage of the digital transformation opportunities that the IoT represents.”

IoTConnect works off of Microsoft’s Azure hybrid cloud computing services, which means that the solution will be scalable to IoT systems of various sizes. The platform is also compatible with both on-premise cloud systems.

When it comes to security, Avnet reports that it was at the top of its mind when creating IoTConnect.

“Avnet recognizes that concerns such as security risk, unexpected downtime, low efficiency and information latency frequently hinder an organization’s ability to capture the full potential of digitization,” said Lou Lutostanski, Avnet vice president of IOT. “IoTConnect, supported by Microsoft Azure, not only helps mitigate these risks, but also enables enterprises to generate intelligence that will make their organizations more productive, secure and competitive in the digital age.”

Additionally, the platform is flexible with a developer’s choice of connectivity protocol. Avnet reports the platform’s flexibility expands beyond connectivity so engineers will not have to compromise their choice of connections, apps, frameworks or tools.

Avent’s electronic component and embedded systems history will be a big advantage in its launch of an IoT platform. It isn’t hard to see how it might create an IoT connection kit with both software and hardware in the box, ready to go.

Getting products on the IoT can be a stressful endeavor, as many design teams have no expertise in the areas needed to turn their device into a smart connected device. If Avnet plays its cards right, it can position itself to be that IoT expert offering its customers the hardware, software and solutions they need with no fuss.

Would you skip the hassle of designing the Internet into your Thing? Or do you want your design team to be more hands on with the IoT connection? Comment below.

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Shawn Wasserman

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