Autodesk CAM 360 Beta Starts Today

Autodesk CAM 360 is available for beta testing today.  Try it now.

Autodesk CAM 360 Beta starts today.

Log into your Autodesk 360 account or visit the CAM 360 page to get started.

It’s CAM, Only Better

Autodesk CAM 360 is just like any desktop CAM program, but specifically designed to utilize the power of the cloud.  This includes data sharing within Autodesk 360.  CAM 360 also includes basic functionality of Autodesk Fusion 360 so CAM operators can add and assemble geometry not included in the end item design.  Typical examples include hold-down tabs, vices, v-blocks, and other machine fixturing.  This unique combination of CAD and CAM is only available on the cloud via Autodesk CAM 360.

It’s CAM, Getting Better

Autodesk has three focus priorities:

  1. Quality
  2. Performance
  3. Integration

As a beta user, you can directly affect the future improvements of CAM 360.  Try it today.