Augmented Reality App Lets Users Scan and Share 3D Models

Laan Labs unveils its 3D scanning app that shares via messaging apps.

Laan Labs, an augmented reality developer, developed a 3D scanning app that allows users to easily send 3D models via messaging applications.

With augmented reality (AR) shifting to mobile application, the technology can soon become accessible for everyone, at least anyone with an iPhone. The beta version of Laan Labs’ 3D scanning app was previewed on the company’s website and can supposedly scan 3D objects as easily as taking a picture.

According to a tweet from the company, the current prototype uses the SD, which can produce dense point clouds through a standard mobile camera sensor. Users can simply scan objects by moving around the target. The app then generates highly detailed models from the data, which users can share with each other. The app can also manage cleanups and editing.

The AR Quick Look feature will arrive this month via ARKit 2.0 in iOS 12, which is what allows users to share USDZ files through the Messages app. Recipients can view the same model in AR, as well as manipulate the model in scale through their phone’s camera lens. This can be an effective tool for product design engineers to collaborate and visualize conveniently.

Both SDK and ARKit 2.0 are still in beta, however, ARKit 2.0 will officially be available alongside the latest lineup of Apple iPhones. Apple has already been rumored to be working on an AR headset in accompaniment to the ARKit and API. has not yet announced when the production version of the SDK will be released.

In the meantime, users can get beta access to the 3D scanning app at