Arcam AB Nears Completion of Fast EBM 3D Printing Research

Swedish 3D printing company Arcam AB involved in EU funded research project to speed 3D printing times by a factor of 5.

I never stop researching 3D printing companies as investments, including Arcam AB (AMAVF) and their EBM technology, profiled here on 3 days ago.

 Yesterday, I discovered that Arcam is the recipient of a European Union research grant to develop a “Fast EBM” technology for 3D printing.   EBM, or Electron Beam Melting, is patented technology used by Arcam for 3D printing of high grade metals used primarily in the aerospace, automotive, and medical/orthopedic implant industries. There are substantive advantages of EBM technology over laser sintering technology  used by other 3D printing companies in metals, including high build speeds and lower installation and maintenance costs (see abstract here), and corroborating 3rd party research on EBM vs. sintering here.

Fast EBM Project Research Coordinated by Arcam AB

The Fast EBM project is funded by the “European Union Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development” (more information here). This is the EU’s main instrument for funding research in Europe, it runs from 2007-2013 and is designed to respond to Europe’s employment needs, competitiveness, and quality of life.

What I discovered was this page, listing Arcam AB as the project coordinator for the Fast EBM project.  As a result, it would seem that shareholders of Arcam AB are gaining the benefits of advanced research on 3D printing technology, funded EU taxpayers.  As a shareholder, I rather like the sound of that.

What’s critical to know as this pertains to Arcam AB and the future of EBM technology is that:

“A key objective of the project is to increase the productivity of the (EBM 3D printing) process by a factor of 5 (by) combining the model with new hardware.” (see FastEBM site).

This new hardware is an innovative high power electron beam gun that has been designed for the EBM process and enables high productivity processing. (see EU project site).

Research by Arcam AB in the Fast EBM project began in 2007 and will conclude in November of this year.  I believe the company will update shareholders on their research and possible new patents and/or new hardware in development after the project concludes.

There is no public information from Arcam AB or other sources (that I could find) that discusses the Fast EBM project as it stands currently.

If Arcam AB successfully spearheads new technology whereby 3D printing of high grade metal parts is increased by a factor of five and they are able to patent Fast EBM technology, I feel confident that Arcam AB will be an absolute powerhouse in 3D printing.


Disclosure: I am long shares of Arcam AB (AMAVF).  I received no compensation from Arcam AB or any third party for this article.

Gary Anderson