An IoT Platform for Military Avionics Security

DDC-I and Mocana announce plans to release an integrated IoT security platform.

(Image courtesy of DDC-I.)

(Image courtesy of DDC-I.)

Internet of Things (IoT) provider Mocana has teamed up with software developer DDC-I to create a military-grade IoT security platform for avionics. The partnership will see an integration of Mocana’s IoT Security Platform with DDC-I’s real-time operating system (RTOS) Deos.

The Mocana IoT Security Platform is a full-stack, device-to-cloud platform that promises mission-critical security for IoT endpoints.It provides device authentication and encryption, is OpenSSL compatible, can be customized in C/C++ and Java, and supports multiple networking environments, including IPsec, SSL, IP multicast and more.

Deos is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) time and space partitioned RTOS designed to host safety-critical avionics software. It’s multicore enabled, offers deterministic real-time response, and is fieldproven (or should that be skyproven?).

“We are pleased to be working with DDC-I to offer our joint customers an integrated platform that features best-in-class RTOS and security technology,” said Mocana CEO William Diotte. “Avionics developers now have a flexible, high-performance, off-the-shelf solution for delivering enhanced security and Internet connectivity.”

Mission-Critical Solutions

Both Mocana’s and DDC-I’s offerings are aimed toward mission-critical applications, and their solutions boast certifications to this effect. Mocana’s IoT Security Platform is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated (the Federal Information Processing Standard’s Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules), and contains no open-source code. Deos is DO-178B certified to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A, the highest level of the de facto standard for avionics software.

“Mocana and Deos bring trusted, military-grade security and cloud-based communications to connected commercial and military aircraft, including secure boot and secure update capabilities that are rapidly becoming requirements for avionics,” said DDC-I CEO Bob Morris. “Advanced safety-critical features like time/space partitioning and support for multiple isolated TCP/IP stacks make Deos an excellent platform for integrating and deploying applications that utilize Mocana’s innovative IoT security capabilities.”

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