Aluminum rod strength

Aluminum rod strength

I need to know how much weight a ½” aluminum rod will support. The rod is T-6061-T6 and is 18” long. It will be supported by the first 3” in a fixture. How much weight can I put on the end before it bends?

Niel, thanks for nothing. I haven’t the slightest idea how to use those calculators. If I did, why would I be here asking the questiong?

Any weight on the end of the rod will cause it to bend. The amount of the bend is given in the equation [1]

y =W*L^3/(3*E*I) – see website cited for an explanation of the terms.

The moment of inertia for a round rod is given on [2]. There are other equations for the I of other shapes on the same website.

The material properties of 6061-T6 Aluminum can be found on the MatWeb [3] along with a number of other sites.

If you mean a permanent bend then you need to use the determine the stress in the beam [1]


The stress in the beam must be less than the allowable yield for the material.

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I am sorry to disappoint you with my answer, but please note to answer in more details required that I provide you with specific engineering advice which I am not allowed to give as a employee of “ does not provide engineering advice.”

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The simple answer is that it will always bend. Even if you apply a very small load it will bend. That bend is proportional to how much load is applied.

To determine the maximum load before the bar permanently bends (fails to return to its original shape with the load is removed) that can also be calculated with the equations noted above.

What are your trying to accomplish?

Is the rod round?

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