Aluminum 6061 Announced for DMLS

Morris Technologies, Inc. (MTI) now offers Aluminum 6061 for use on their EOS direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machines. Aluminum 6061 is a general-purpose alloy that sees wide application in aerospace, transportation, consumer products, medical, and other industries. It demonstrates properties superior to casting aluminums.

In development at MTI since January 2011, Aluminum 6061 was released with full T6 heat treatment properties in late March 2012.  This material is precipitation hardened and heat treated to exceed the minimum requirement of the AMS standards for 6061-T6.

The introduction of Aluminum 6061-T6 is the latest addition to the 12 alloys MTI offers for producing metal parts using additive manufacturing.  Other alloys include titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless, Inconel grades, and others.  In early March 2012, MTI introduced Stainless 17-4 PH for DMLS with multiple heat treatment options.


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