Altair Announces Abstract CFD and Composite for HyperWorks

Altair doubles down on their alliance of solutions.

Within a 24-hour period, Altair announced Altair Partner Alliance (APA) member Comoneering’s design methods for composite material simulations; then they announced the addition of AcuNexus’ abstract modeling CFD into the APA. Altogether, this looks like a busy week for the simulation company.

As Both Comoneering and AcuNexus are members of the APA, users will have access to both solutions through the HyperWorks platform. The Hyperworks platform also gives access to over 20 internally developed solutions, 50 applications and a vast array of 3rd party applications.

AcuNexus Abstract CFD

AcuNexus is produced by NovusNexus, Inc. a CFD preprocessor abstract modeling company for product simulation development cycles.

Abstract CFD software is independent of geometry. This means that administrative tasks can be consolidated. Essentially, users can reuse the abstract model and parameters on different geometry designs.

Furthermore, AcuNexus can process Acusolve simulations from Pro/E, Creo, Solidworks and Discrete CAD models. Therefore, users will save time with geometry conversions and cleanup. Models can even be meshed automatically and consistently. This will take human error out of the important procedure.

In fact, AcuNexus has embedded various process modules in an effort to reduce human error wherever possible. Quite important as the industries AcuNexus targets often need to ensure consumer safety, including aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, biomedical and consumer goods.

Farzin Shakib, VP of CFD Tech at Altair said, “AcuNexus is a powerful preprocessor for AcuSolve, complementing our in-house preprocessors, AcuConsole and HyperMesh … It distinguishes itself by providing a unique abstract modeling technology, which seamlessly and visually automates CAD to input file generation.”

Composite Material Simulations

Altair’s other announcement is the presentation of solutions for composite design and optimization at the European JEC show in March 2014 in Paris.

The presentation will include case studies, component examples, designs and optimizations using HyperWorks. This presentation will be co-hosted with APA member Componeering, a company known for its structural analysis of composite materials and designs software ESAComp – a program initially supported by the European Space Agency.

The process makes the design of composite components easier and stronger. Mauro Guglielminotti, director of Altair S. Europe said that “as composite material is used in many industries to fully exploit the lightweight potential of each product, the engineers need applicable tools and methods to design those complex new materials. Altair’s simulation-driven design method and optimization tool OptiStruct offer unique possibilities to enhance the performance of the product while keeping development and production costs down.”

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