Altair Acquires Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots and other Altair tools look to provide a complete solution for IoT PLM.

Carriots is a platform as a service designed for IoT projects. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

Carriots is a platform as a service designed for IoT projects. (Image courtesy of Altair.)

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software provider Altair recently made a move in the Internet of Things (IoT) arena with the acquisition of Carriots S.L., the Madrid-based developer of the Carriots IoT platform. By combining Carriots with its other CAE offerings, Altair is positioning itself to provide a full stack of product lifecycle management (PLM) software for designing and managing IoT applications.

The IoT is changing PLM, and Altair clearly recognizes the value of an integrated software stack for IoT engineers to develop and manage connected devices. With a diverse set of tools including advanced electromagnetic simulation, model-based design, embedded system design, 3D modeling and now the Carriots IoT platform, IoT developers have a complete range of Altair software for the lifecycle of their IoT devices.

“Combining Altair’s software suites with Carriots’ solutions for the IoT will provide our customers with the complete stack of technology they need to create, simulate and manage their new connected products over complete lifecycles,” said Carriots S.L. founder Miguel Castillo. “We are joining forces with a leader in product design and engineering, and as part of the Altair team, we can now better help organizations capture the full value of IoT.”

Carriots operates as a platform as a service, wherein customers can freely develop a proof of concept for their IoT applications. Then, with a commercial agreement, users can scale to millions of devices for applications ranging from smart cities to consumer products.

“As connectivity and intelligence become part of almost everything with which we interact, performance optimization has evolved to be a continuous process throughout a product’s lifecycle,” said Altair founder and CEO James R. Scapa. “We are combining Altair and partner technologies with the Carriots platform to become a leader in IoT, including applications to support our customers’ digital twin strategies.”

If Altair is serious about a being a leader in IoT (and you heard it straight from the CEO), the company will want to cover the IoT design space. This may see Carriots integrated into Altair’s solidThinking brand, which offers a number of solutions that aid in engineering design.

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