Airbus brings Aerospace Strength and Stability CAE Tool to HyperWorks

The STRENGTH2000 can be used for airframe structural FEA analysis and verification that meets aerospace standards

Airbus Defense and Space will be bringing their airframe structural analysis and verification software, STRENGTH2000, to HyperWorks users. The announcement was made as Airbus joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

STRENGTH2000 is an airframe analysis CAE software that combines validation, CATIA geometry, material data, load analysis, FEA and a GUI targeted for the aerospace industry.

“STRENGTH2000 is the commercial evolution of an Airbus Defence and Space proprietary code developed over the past several years by experienced aerospace engineers,” said Dr. Pietro Cervellera, Altair managing director.

“It is widely used to support the certification of famous aircraft like the Eurofighter as well as components of the A400M, the A380, and other civil Airbus aircraft, offering Altair customers unique value in terms of reliability and promises dramatic time savings.”

STRENGTH2000 is designed to improve the workflow of aerospace stress engineers to certify their airframe designs. The CAE software contains a toolbox of stability, strength and simulation analysis, which are approved by aerospace standards.

“Advantages of STRENGTH2000 include lead-time reduction and the significant reliability improvement of strength and stability analysis tasks,” said Dr. Gerd Schuhmacher, senior expert at Airbus.

“Long-term reproducibility of results is also extremely important in order to support upgrades as well as maintenance and repair during decades of aircraft in-service operation.”

STRENGTH2000 is compatible with your company’s in-house analysis methods. The software can also perform assessments of various metallic and composite materials. In addition, it can provide sizing, stress checks, and qualification tasks. Once the airframe is analysed, engineers can then generate a report for certification.

“Airbus Defence and Space is pleased to offer STRENGTH2000 to HyperWorks users through the Altair Partner Alliance,” Schuhmacher added. “Our software will be very useful for aerospace stress engineers in the Altair community.”

To learn more about Altair and its analysis capabilities follow this link.


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