AEC Overview

Architectural engineering is a profession that focuses the problem-solving techniques of the engineer toward the design and construction of safe, economical buildings. Students can choose a major in architectural engineering and explore the myriad challenges of designing and constructing today’s modern and complex buildings, selecting an area of emphasis in either structural systems or mechanical and electrical systems.
In addition to preparing students for these varied and exciting challenges, the architectural engineering program also serves as an excellent springboard for students who wish to earn graduate degrees.
Careers in AEC Engineering

The different types of projects and facilities on which architectural engineers work is virtually limitless. They may be found designing the structural system for a forty-story hotel, an electrical grounding and shielding system for a high-security complex, or a close-tolerance (0.1 F) air conditioning system for a computer chip manufacturing plant. architectural engineers provide their expertise in the following sectors:

  • national business and industry
  • local, state and federal governments
  • multinational corporations

The future will bring opportunities which cannot even be imagined today.

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