Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite Update

Adobe released its first major update to its Creative Cloud suite. Maybe the cloud isn't so bad after all.

I heard through the grapevine that a significant update occurred yesterday. After the initial backlash to Adobe’s announcement of moving its product offerings to the cloud, June 17th marked the first major update of the Creative Cloud software suite.  Word on the street is, it happened behind the scenes and without incident.  Finally, a positive showing for the convenience of the cloud.

Although many long time Creative Suite users balked at the notion of giving up their perpetual license in exchange for providing Adobe $49 per month to access their data1, it appears that Adobe is still maintaining the future of the Creative Cloud suite. I think $600 per year for all of Adobe’s products is not a bad price. Even $240 for a single application isn’t too bad. Users who use two or three applications might as well pay for the entire suite. I’d love to hear feedback from other Adobe CC users and what their exit strategy is to maintain long term archiving and retrieval of their data.


1. It does not matter if a user takes advantage of the included cloud storage from Adobe. A user cannot access their files without software to open it.  To have access to the software, an annual subscription is required, paid monthly.