Additive Manufacturing, Composites and Lightweighting At Altair 2015

Conference Will Focus on New Simulation Methods For Structural Optimizations in Automotive and Aerospace Industries

At the 2015 Americas Altair Technology Conference (ATC) in Dearborn, Mich., May 5-7, hundreds of engineers and researchers will examine new techniques for simulating vehicle design with composites and optimizing designs for additive manufacturing, lightweight vehicles and aircraft. 

A series of research papers that respond to emerging trends and capabilities in manufacturing and computer simulation will be presented and discussed at the show.

Here are some of the highlights:

Structural Component Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing: From the University of Texas at Arlington, Consulting Engineer, Optimal Structures, LLC, Professor Robert M. Taylor of Optimal Structures will demonstrate how additive manufacturing removes many of the constraints on product design, enabling all types of products to be much more efficiently produced and as much as 30 percent lighter. He will explain how the advanced capabilities of Altair HyperWorks tools for designing structural topologies to minimize weight while maximizing performance.

  • Cutting-Edge Optimization Methods for the Aerospace Industry: Structural Analysis Engineer David Bowen of Boeing will describe how the new MultiModel Optimization capabilities in Altair’s OptiStruct software can overcome the problems associated with attempting to optimize structures and components across multiple configurations. The result is a common component optimization process.  Check out this awesome video featuring Chief Engineer For Structures at Honeywell Airspace talking about how he employed Optistruct and reduced the material and weight 10-26% on a fan bypass ducts and other fighter jet components.  
  • Forming Simulation of Woven Composite Fibers and Its Influence on Crash Performance: Altair Senior Director of Industry Solutions Subir Roy will show how simulation of composite plies made from woven fibers can be carried out with Altair’sRADIOSS solver, mapping the variance in fiber angles and translating those differences into crash-performance results.
  • Pedestrian-Impact Simulation Process with HyperWorks: Crash Safety Engineer Youn Park, from Ford Motor Company, discusses how the HyperWorks software suite can be applied to carry out multiple analyses with a large number of target points for pedestrian impact safety, providing a much more efficient approach to the concern than manual or semi-automatic methods. 

During the conference, breakout sessions will explore issues such as lead-time reduction, process automation, performance optimization and lightweight design.

These presentations will be kicked-off by keynote remarks from two automotive industry leaders:

  • Mike Whitens, Director, Vehicle and Enterprise Science, Research, Ford Motor Company
  • Kevin Kerrigan, Senior Vice President, Automotive Office, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Also offering their perspectives on design and optimization in the aerospace and defense industries at the conference are:

  • Franck Mouriaux, General Manager, Structures, RUAG Space
  • Ken Dudley, Senior Researcher, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Stewart (Denny) Moore, Principal Engineer, Applied Mechanics, General Dynamics/Electric Boat

Altair Chairman and CEO, James R. Scapa, will highlight Altair’s plans and innovations for continuing to advance the use of simulation in the design of products, packaging, and systems for businesses around the world.

“Discussion emerging from the great span of topics offered at the ATC makes this premier conference exceptionally valuable to designers and engineers,” Scapa said. “The conference provides solutions for those who are attempting to manage innovation challenges in the fields of transportation, aerospace, architecture, electronics, scientific research and many other fields where simulation-driven design, data analysis and optimization are critical. Our goal for the ATC conference series is to support the professional engineering community discover news ways to overcome conventional barriers to design and manufacturing leveraging simulation to create stronger and lighter products that can be manufactured in new ways.”

Altair Technology Conferences are scheduled across the globe to share solutions for some of the most complex problems in engineering, sciences and business analytics. .

Registration is available online.

Source: Altair