Accelerating Additive Manufacturing: Advancing 3D Printing into the Mainstream

Stratasys recently unveiled its new series of 3D printers for wide-scale manufacturing and prototyping during RAPID+TCT 2018’s keynote sessions.

RAPID+TCT 2018 featured over 150 industry leaders in 3D innovation and additive manufacturing (AM) recently in Fort Worth, Tex. Among those in attendance was Stratasys, which announced its new series of AM products and solutions at the show. The company’s F900 Production 3D Printer series is set to drive the adoption of AM as an industrialized manufacturing tool in prototyping and part production applications.

This new line of 3D printers will advance the popular Stratasys Fortus 900mc platform, which includes the expansion of composite-compatible printers, Industry 4.0-ready systems with MTConnect, and production-level accuracy and repeatability. The F900 series sets the standard for 3D printing and is built for high-end AM. However, this series is only one of the three solutions offered by Stratasys.

In addition to the standard F900 printer, two other versions of the 3D printer were created to extend the platform into a series of specialized products that support a wide range of applications. Stratasys designed the series to meet the unique needs of production while still maintaining high repeatability.

Announced at the 2018 Paris Air Show, the F900 Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution (AICS) targets the performance and traceability required for flight-worthy parts. Using the AICS, aircraft interiors can now be designed and manufactured through specialized high-repeatability solutions. The AICS can also be used for other highly regulated production applications.

To extend the AICS’ high repeatability, the F900 PRO was developed to adapt to all industries. It has a production-grade system, with the highest fused deposition modeling (FDM) repeatability and performance in ULTEM 9085 resin to produce parts. Industries that are currently using Fortus 900mc systems can also upgrade to any of the three F900 systems.

In addition, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing now also offers parts built with FDM Nylon 12CF using both Fortus 900 and 450 systems. A specialized Fortus 380 printer is also available that can build using this high-performance material. This is ideal for manufacturing functional prototypes and production parts with high-requirement applications.

Stratasys is looking to industrialize the AM system, accelerating the process of making AM standard on the factory floor. These new solutions are set to advance 3D printing efforts, making it more accessible and efficient for various industries.

“What’s really exciting about this development is that Stratasys is showing how additive manufacturing has finally reached the level of repeatability and performance required for final part production,” said Keith Kmetz of consulting firm IDC. “With the introduction of the F900 Production 3D Printer and the focus on industry standards and standardization, Stratasys is helping to advance this technology from its prototyping and tooling roots to a true industrial additive manufacturing system.”

To learn more about the new line of Stratasys 3D printers and various manufacturing solutions, visit the Stratasys website.