ABB Will Power LG Chem’s Largest Car Battery Plant in Europe

LG Chem and ABB recently partnered to build Europe’s largest car battery in Poland, with ABB providing a substation to meet power supply needs.

Building of lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden.

Building of lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden.

South Korea’s LG Chem is set to open what will become Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory in Poland. The region’s auto industry has been anticipating the increased mass production of electric cars since 2017. ABB will be providing the substation.

ABB recently collaborated on a project, Northvolt, to build a similar facility in Sweden, which aimed to challenge Tesla’s Gigafactory target.

LG Chem

LG Chem

The car battery plant will be located in Kobierzyce, near Wroclaw, and is geared to supply up to approximately 250,000 electric cars annually. The plant will produce battery components, from electrodes to cells, modules and packs.

It will be the first large-scale lithium-ion battery plant for automotive applications.

The substation will be a key element of the power supply system, linking the grid and power supply to the plant. Highly automated facilities demand high energy security, which can result in power supply issues creating costly downtimes.

The facility will be equipped with key supplies that include transformers, surge arrestors and gas insulated switchgear to ensure power supply.

ABB’s head of Grid Integration, Patrick Fragman, said the project reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation and that they’re excited to collaborate with LG Chem.

“This substation solution is a good example of how ABB brings together domain expertise, best-in-class products and system integration capabilities,” he said.

ABB is a leading pioneer in the utilities, transport and global infrastructure industry. The new battery facility hopes to push the company’s main objective: to bring electricity from any power plant to automating industries that will facilitate converting natural resources into products.

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