A One-Stop Shop for Digital Transformation?

New consortium, Emixa, brings together five companies to help manufacturers remain competitive.

Five technology consulting companies have joined forces to form Emixa, a consortium specially focused on digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. In a press release, Appronto, Cards PLM Solutions, Dimensys, Magnus Digital, and OnePLM say that together they provide a “one-stop shop that delivers the integrated solutions for next level digital transformation.”

Emixa says that it specializes in implementing combined solutions from Siemens, SAP, and Mendix to achieve digital transformation. Each member of the consortium brings relevant experience:

  • Appronto: Specializes in low-code development on the Mendix platform.
  • Cards PLM Solutions: Specializes in manufacturing digitalization for industries including automotive, aerospace, high-tech machine building, medical devices, and consumer goods.
  • Dimensys: Specializes in making product and asset lifecycles transparent, predictable and repeatable.
  • Magnus Digital: Specializes in data analytics, ERP, and low-code development in manufacturing and other industries.
  • OnePLM: Specializes in providing PLM services and solutions to manufacturing companies.

Emixa was announced in a January 9th press release from Holland Capital, the Amsterdam-based private equity firm backing the five members of the consortium. The launch of the new brand was years in the making, starting with Holland Capital’s investment in Magnus Digital in late 2020. The managing director of Magnus Digital at the time, Peter-Jan Simons, now serves as the CEO of Emixa.

“The world is changing at a rapid pace,” said Simons in the press release. “To remain competitive, companies have to choose a business model and complementary IT architecture that allow them to lead the way. Due to the powerful and unique combination of industry knowledge and technology expertise in the field of ERP, low-code applications, integrations and PLM solutions, we enable our customers to win in the challenging era of full-scale digitization.”

With a total of 420 employees, Emixa says it’s equipped to help customers with process optimization, product lifecycle and asset management, IT architecture, low-code applications, system integrations, data analytics and change management. The consortium aspires to become “one of the leading players in Western Europe and expand its established presence in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to the DACH region [Germany, Austria and Switzerland],” according to the press release. Emixa’s five member companies will remain active under their own names.

Written by

Michael Alba

Michael is a senior editor at engineering.com. He covers computer hardware, design software, electronics, and more. Michael holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta.