A Modular System for Improving Machining Stability

BIG KAISER introduces UNILOCK Stabilizer System.

In metalworking, stability impacts everything from profitability to employee safety. That’s why tooling solutions provider BIG KAISER has introduced the UNILOCK Stabilizer System. The modular system is designed to provide lateral support for tall parts during machining, welding or assembly processes and allows for the transfer of loads down to the table or base.

If you need to back off feeds and speeds to achieve a target finishe, there’s a good chance your part is not completely stable. One option to increase stability is to add an extra point of contact by using a temporary locating feature or weld tabs and brackets, but doing so on a frequent basis is impractical.

BIG KAISER’s zero-point, UNILOCK stabilizer system is intended to adjust to any new part, rather than modifying parts by moving them from machine to machine—introducing the chance for error. The system attaches to the worktable and the side of the workpiece to provide lateral support. This is important because cutting forces push against the workpiece as it gets taller and further away from the table, so the stabilizer can help offset them.

The UNILOCK Stabilizer System also makes sense for more mobile parts of odd shapes and sizes. According to the company, the system stacks easily and uses a wide variety of gripping forms.

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