Live Webinar - Technology and Innovation in Today’s AEC Community - Jan 23, 2PM ET
In this year’s AEC technology survey, we measured the acceptance of technology by structural engineers, architects, civil engineering professionals, designers and people working in the construction and building trades.

The majority of participants were at the managerial level or had some degree of leadership within their organizations. This included managers, team leaders and owners or proprietors of individual firms. In addition, there were a number of individual contributors who were technology users, and they provided us with some useful insights and feedback.

We asked participants about their use of new and emerging technologies as well as archaic an legacy technologies within the AEC industry.

During this webinar, you will learn:
  • What technologies are reshaping the AEC industry, such as BIM, 3D modeling, cloud storage and more
  • How users are integrating emerging technologies into their product development workflows
  • What AEC technologies you should consider for augmenting your production workflow, and what technologies can wait until they become more mature

About the Speaker:
Monica Schnitger has vast experience helping designers, engineers and their managers, investors and suppliers understand the technology used to create our world. From roads and bridges to ships and cars to the latest electronic gadget, design technology fosters innovation, boosts efficiency (and profit) and creates better products. Monica is an expert at explaining what these technologies do, how they're best implemented and how the many suppliers out there address their markets.

PDH Certificates will be provided to all registrants that attend the live webinar for a minimum 30 minutes. Certificates will be sent by email within 72 hours after completion.

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