Webinar – The Digital Thread for Non-Enterprise Operations
The digital thread is a hot topic among designers and engineers, but the ideas that underpin the concept and implementation can be difficult to understand. In fact, many engineers and team leaders believe that while the digital thread can be valuable, it’s only financially viable for large companies with huge budgets.

That isn’t the case.

There are many examples of small companies leveraging the digital thread to improve their productivity and increase profitability and product outcomes, which is what you’ll hear about in this webinar.

During this webinar you will learn:
  • A detailed description of the Digital Thread concept
  • The benefits of adopting a digital thread for your product design processes
  • Examples where the digital thread has been used to improve product design outcomes for non-enterprise companies

About the Speakers:
Monica Schnitger has vast experience helping designers, engineers and their managers, investors and suppliers understand the technology used to create our world. From roads and bridges to ships and cars to the latest electronic gadget, design technology fosters innovation, boosts efficiency (and profit) and creates better products. Monica is an expert at explaining what these technologies do, how they're best implemented and how the many suppliers out there address their markets.

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