Webinar: PLM + Machine Learning: Deliver Value with Product Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI)
Until now, any company could apply analytics to historical data to simply explore the reasons why something happened. Moving forward, applying machine learning to enterprise data will disrupt businesses on a much bigger scale, enabling companies to proactively predict the outcomes of business decisions and prescribe actions to optimize future outcomes.

Product Lifecycle Intelligence is an evolution of PLM that applies machine learning and automation to structured PLM data, helping users extract meaningful insights, formulate predictions, recommend improvements and even automate actions within systems and processes.

Tune into this webinar for real use cases and practical ways to get started with PLI.

This webinar will cover:
  • Intro to historical enterprise data analytics
  • What is the future for enterprise product data?
  • How will machine learning impact product development and manufacturing
  • Getting started with advanced analytics
  • What is Product Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI)?

About the Speakers:

As Program Director, Product Innovation, Jeff Hojlo leads IDC Manufacturing Insights research and analysis of the PLM market, including topics such as the development of an innovation platform and the intersection of product design, development, and digital manufacturing. Mr. Hojlo is also responsible for research on business and IT issues related to the engineering oriented value chain (EOVC), which includes automotive, aerospace & defense, industrial machinery, and heavy equipment manufacturers, as well as the technology oriented value chain (TOVC), which includes manufacturers in the electronics and semiconductor markets.

Jordan is a data scientist, management consultant and leading expert in Digital Transformation at Kalypso, bringing over a decade of experience helping clients drive results from disruptive business models and emerging technology trends like the Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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