Webinar: How Ford is Optimizing Manufacturing with 3D-Printed Tooling and Fixtures
Jigs and fixtures are a mainstay of manufacturing and make production and assembly processes simpler and more reliable, reducing cycle times and improving worker safety. Compared to conventional machining, 3D-printed jigs and fixtures take less time and cost a fraction to produce. With more than 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Ford’s Research & Advanced Engineering Center in Europe is integrating large-format 3D printing into its work to create custom manufacturing aids.

Learn what this integration looks like, as well as how Ford’s research center is innovating with printing processes and technologies. Plus, understand how Ford experienced ROI on its large-format system by implementing its first application.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The workflow for producing jigs and fixtures
  • The value of 3D-printed jigs and fixtures
  • Where large-scale AM fits into manufacturing and plant equipment

About the Speakers:

Lars Bogner, Research Engineer Additive Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company, started his journey at Ford in 2014 as a manufacturing and production planning engineer. IN that role, he was responsible for planning and manufacturing of welding fixtures of the prototype plant. During that time, Bognar also did his master’s degree in innovation and research management, where he had his first contact with additive manufacturing. Since 2016, Bognar has been part of the Advanced Materials and Processes team at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering center in Aachen and is responsible for plastics applications for AM.

Frank Marangell, Chief Business Officer, BigRep, is the President of BigRep America Inc. and CBO for BigRep GmbH, a global leader of large-scale 3D printers. Marangell manages all U.S. operations for the German-based company, in addition to his role on the executive team where he leads global sales in North America, Europe and Asia. Marangell has extensive experience in additive manufacturing - from startups to industry leaders. Prior to joining BigRep in 2017, Marangell was president and CEO of Rize Inc. Previously, he was president of Objet USA, where he helped to grow the Israeli company into a 3D printing leader and prepare for a successful merger, where he served as Vice President of Global Field Operations. Marangell was responsible for both the worldwide materials business as well as the organization’s expansion into dental and medical 3D printing.

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