Webinar: Unlocking the Killer Applications of Production-Grade Additive Manufacturing
Recent advances in additive manufacturing have resulted in significant technical improvements for additively manufactured products, as well as surprising reductions in cost. As a result, nearly every sector of the economy has applications for which additively manufactured products are now in production. This webinar describes how to identify high-potential product opportunities that take advantage of additive manufacturing, how to design these products, and how to rapidly move to production.

The talk will include specific examples such as:
  • Killer applications
  • Product designs
  • Production requirements

About the Speakers:

Dr. Charlie Wood, Computational Engineering Lead at Fast Radius is the foremost leader of computational engineering at Fast Radius, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions. His expertise is in the areas of mechanics of polymeric and composite materials as well as using computational tools for design and testing. Prior to Fast Radius, Dr. Wood was an engineer for Motorola.

Jerry O'Leary, Chief Designer at Fast Radius, formerly led as design director serving IDEO's Chicago, Boston and New York locations. Jerry has spearheaded successful projects for clients like AT&T, LifePort, Gateway Computers, Motorola, Ford, 3M, Whirlpool, Citibank, Altec Lansing, and BUGlabs, among many others.

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