Webinar: The Next Product You Design Might Be a Service...
Much has been made of the trend of consumers shifting from buying capital goods to renting the capacity they need. The chronicles of jet engine manufacturers selling power by the hour (as opposed to selling engines) have been told many times, and we’re all familiar with the Uber/Lyft chronicles as well.

There are many more examples of these “products-as-a-service” (PaaS) that move the risk of performance from the customer to the manufacturer, such as industrial and agricultural robots, compressed air, valves, water pumps, smart lighting systems, and even passenger trains. The enabling technologies—the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and the digital twin—are rapidly becoming mainstream, leading to a potential surge in products delivered as services.

Engineering.com interviewed experts on the leading edge of implementing products as services with a view to describing and categorizing the types of products that can be delivered as services and the technologies that make it possible. This webinar discusses our findings and presents three case studies of companies that are moving to the Product-as-a-Service business model.

After attending this webinar, product managers, CXOs, and design engineers should be able to:
  • Appreciate the role of IoT in creating products-as-a-service.
  • Conceive of ways to repackage existing products into services.
  • Recognize the importance of a full-featured IoT development platform.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Tom Lombardo is a professor emeritus of engineering technology, an instructional designer, an author, and an armchair philosopher. Having retired from higher education after three decades of teaching, Tom now spends his professional time writing about sustainable energy, electronics, engineering education, and IoT.

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