Webinar: Rapid Prototyping for Engineering Impact: SweetSense and the Mortenson Center at CU Boulder
SweetSense, Inc. is a social enterprise focused on measuring impacts of health and environmental interventions. SweetSense works alongside the Mortenson Center for Global Engineering at Colorado University - Boulder, developing IoT technologies that help gather and use data to improve development programs and health outcomes. Taylor Sharpe is a design engineer for SweetSense, and focuses on using rapid prototyping and advanced CAD techniques to rapidly deploy products to the field.

In this webinar, Sharpe will discuss the sub-$20k rapid prototyping space from which he works. He will also highlight some example projects where staying on the cutting edge of design software and manufacturing techniques has allowed his research group to deploy unique solutions in challenging conditions. Case studies will include the monitoring of air quality in at-risk communities, feedback systems for latrines, low-cost IoT additions to existing infrastructure, and two recent examples of rapid product iteration.

About the Speaker:

Taylor Sharpe is a design engineer for social enterprise SweetSense, Inc. and a researcher at the Mortenson Center for Global Engineering at CU Boulder, where he sits as a SILC Fellow. His work focuses on the design and manufacture of IoT technologies which help inform programs and communities regarding the health of vital infrastructure and environmental systems.

Taylor holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University, where he focused on rapid prototyping and design for manufacture. His work in Global Engineering began with undergraduate research in the Portland State SWEET Lab, where he helped develop sensors to improve sanitation operations in Kenya, inform health interventions in Rwanda, and monitor water infrastructure throughout the Great Rift Valley. His recent work is focused largely on hardware that enables data feedback systems regarding air quality and water quality, with a focus on improving awareness and health outcomes through the application of cutting-edge design tools and emerging technologies

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