Webinar: Advances in Polymer 3D Printing
Polymer 3D printing has revolutionized the prototyping, molding and tooling industries over the last decades, compressing product development and manufacturing lead times. However, to date, polymer additive manufacturing (AM) has not fully advanced into production applications due to limitations in material and system capabilities.

EOS has recently released a number of new polymer AM capabilities that are implementing new applications which were previously impossible. High performance composites are allowing for new designs in light-weighting for metal replacement and reduced mass, while soft, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane materials are enabling new customer-specific applications in sportswear and apparel.

Hosted by Polymer AM Application Manager Cary Baur and Aerospace Business Development Manager Scott Killian, this webinar will provide an overview of state-of-the-art polymer 3D printing capabilities, as well as key examples of new applications that are unlocked from these advancements.

About the Speakers:

Scott Killian, Business Development Manager for Aerospace, EOS North America

Scott has been in the high and emerging technology sector for over 30 years. He began his career with Apple in 1986.Scott moved to the additive manufacturing industry in 1994, when he joined DTM Corporation (now 3D Systems). He has experience in similar roles at HP, Harvest Technologies and EDM Logic, working with each company to establish and execute business strategies for the aerospace industry.

Dr. Cary Baur (Ph.D.),
Manager of Applications Development - Polymer, EOS North America

Prior to working at EOS, Cary was the senior leader of polymer AM at Arconic’s Technical Center, where he oversaw AM research efforts in the polymer materials and aerospace divisions. His achievements included designing a new polymer resin for casting applications that lowers cost and increases part quality, and developing isotropic finishing, a post-processing technique that decreases the number of manual hours needed to obtain optimal surface finish.

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