Webinar: Enabling the Digital Twin with the Internet of Things (“IoT”)
Manufacturers who embrace digitalization gain increased agility, innovation, speed, quality, and profitability in design, development, manufacturing, and the service lifecycle.

One of the key enablers of these improvements is establishing a closer connection between product models and the way physical products operate in the field. The digital twin leverages detailed 3D models, IoT data, and analytics to significantly change the relationship manufacturers have with their products and their customers, driving new sources of value for both.

In this webinar, Jim Brown will explore how companies that embrace digitalization and the digital twin will displace competitors who stick with the status quo.

Key takeaways include:
  • How a digital twin helps create competitive differentiation
  • How companies can transform product performance and service through better product insights
  • How a digital innovation platform supports the digital twin

About the Speaker:

Jim Brown is President of the research firm Tech-Clarity. Jim is a recognized expert in enterprise software and digitalization for manufacturers, with extensive knowledge about how manufacturers use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other enterprise applications to improve business performance.

Jim is actively researching the value available from new initiatives and technologies including cloud computing, digitalization, product innovation platforms, smart manufacturing, AR, VR, and the IoT.

PDH Certificates will not be provided for the recorded webinar.

This webinar is free to attend thanks to the sponsorship of Siemens Mindsphere. To watch, please complete the form on the right.